Audi, sports car


project assignment within the framework of studies at The Academy of Fine Arts and Design (VSVU) Bratislava / 2005


development of the Audi sports car concept model, for Audi Concept Center

The Audi sports car concept car was made while studying at VSVU Bratislava under the mentorship of Professor Stefan Klein and Audi Concept Center director Klemens Rossagl.

The concept is designed in two parts.

The upper part reflects Audi’s Bauhaus design. It was designed based on an analysis of Audi’s history. The sketches show e.g. “hard shoulder,” which is no longer in use today.

The lower part is designed in a sports manner, like a predecessor of the SUV, with the possibility of lifting and lowering. It was conceptualized architecturally, with a heavily reinforced iron T-construction, resistant to shocks.

The most special place, however, certainly belongs to the rims. In addition to the sporty design stamp, it would also have stylish lighting.