Audi, sports car


project assignment within the framework of studies at The Academy of Fine Arts and Design (VSVU) Bratislava / 2005


Development of a sports car concept model, led by Audi Concept Center.

The Audi sportscar concept was made while studying at VSVU Bratislava under the mentorship of Professor Stefan Klein and Audi Concept Center director Klemens Rossnagl.

The definition of the shape, is the coupe SUV, a shape that has taken its place under the sun today, but this concept was designed a good 15 years ago. Otherwise a low sports car can be lifted for 15 cm with the use of air suspension. The back part can be transformed into a smaller pick-up with the help of a folding boot and a loading arch. The concept draws inspiration from Audi’s history, and Bauhaus school of design so it is based on clean surfaces and lines that follow usability. The upper part of the car follows such a design language. The lower part, however, illustrates the strength of the architectural construction, which can withstand shocks in demanding terrain, and thus illustrates the usability that it expresses through this and predates the SUV type of vehicle.

A special place in the design of this concept was given to the rims, which are integrated together with the tire. Built-in lighting ensures an even more attractive look.

The most special place, however, certainly belongs to the rims. In addition to the sporty design stamp, it would also have stylish lighting.