Yugo redesign


Diploma thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, Department of Industrial Design / 2007


Design of a new Yugo.


The new Yugo is designed with the intent for Fiat to do with the Yugo brand the same thing that Renault did with Dacia.


The basic idea was to put the new Yugo on the basis of Fiat Punto (which was then made in Zastava). Dimensions, chassis, and motorization would remain the same as in the Fiat Punto. The design elements of the exterior and interior, on the other hand, draw inspiration from the shape of the original Yugo. Modern interior design is defined by folding and movable rear seats, centrally mounted dashboard, split tailgate, and four doors for easier entry into the vehicle, with the rear opening back on the model of the BMW i3, Mazda MX-30 and Mazda RX-8. All these guarantees that the Yugo would, with suitable and quality production, be able to compete on the market without any problems.


The basis for the exterior design was given by a study of the arrangement of the elements from a safety and economic point of view. Peter Stevens (McLaren F1) and David Hilton (including Bentley) also praised the interior design when it was shown to them.