Welcome to Animal Kingdom!

Series of retro style wooden hangers

Wooden hangers in the shape of stylized animals will brighten up any home and spark the children’s imagination. They are made by classic carpentry methods and distinguished by a simple design, soft organic forms and the warmth of wood. If you want, you can color them or let the children do it in their creative manner. A hanger in the shape of a cat, owl or elephant are playful yet subtle decorations for a children’s room, corridor or any other wall.

Pop-out Animal Kingdom

Wooden hangers that pop out of a wooden plate

The other variation of Animal Kingdom is even more playful. Pop-out Animal Kingdom is printed on a wooden board by modern technological procedures. The kids have to compose it from various elements that simply pop out of it. Compared to the classic Animal Kingdom hangers, this one is more playful, precise and engaging.

Playful and practical

Boosting imagination

Quick installation

At the moment, only hangers from the retro series are available, and Pop-out hangers will be available in the new year 2024. For the exact date of the start of sales and for everything else, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer you.