Spira Christmas Tree

The innovative and ecological Spira Christmas tree is an elegant and durable solution for your Christmas decoration. Installation and storage are easy, but at the same time its ergonomics and timeless design allow for countless decorating options. A warm touch of wood will create a pleasant festive atmosphere in your home.

Take a look at the presentation and see how easy it is to set Spira up:

Wood will never go out of style. Due to its natural organic properties, it is one of the most versatile elements. It is present in every good design and is an easy way to bring nature into your home. Because wood was once a living organism, it contains spiritual energy that has a positive effect on well-being and helps create a relaxing environment. Spira is a product made with love under the Alps. Our Spira trees are made by hand by skilled craftsmen. We only do what inspires us and what we really feel passionate about.

The Spira family

In addition to the basic Spira tree, which already exists in six versions, the family also includes ornaments, a star and a hanger. You can also decorate it with your own pendants.


Innovative design. / Revolutionary setting up solution. / No tools required.


Compatible with all sorts of ornaments. / Secure fastening. / Unique personalization.


Original space saver. / Sustainable packaging. / Less than 5 cm high flat cardboard box.


Made to last. / Handmade. / Natural materials.

Registered, patented trademark and models

Spira is a registered trademark, and Spira trees are patented under European and American intellectual property.

Concern for the environment

Spira is a brand that is fully aware of the consequences of destructive human behavior on the environment. Therefore, thinking about the future, we tried to reduce our impact to a minimum: sustainability, natural materials, small packaging, local production and other aspects.

A wishing tree for year-round decoration

Never underestimate the power of your Christmas tree. What about having more than just a seasonal decoration? A tree that can feed your deepest desires and your dearest dreams throughout the year …

Product personalization

With innovative printing solutions, we can personalize your Spira trees from the smallest monochrome logos to color photos. In addition, there is an endless possibility of making custom decorations from felt, wood or cardboard. Upon your request we can also offer color and custom printed bales in various sizes.

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Spira is present in 55 countries around the world.

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Spira is registered and patented trademark, licensed under programme of European Union Copyright Law and American Intellectual Property